21 Best Gifts for Book Lovers on Amazon 2021 (Not Books)

Best Gifts For Book Lovers

Picture this, your best friend is an avid book lover, and you want to gift them with something that’s not a book. There are numerous types of non-book gifts you can get for your friend. But since they love reading, you should opt for a creative gift that would reflect their hobby. Something that captures how they like to spend their past time.

Presents such as branded sweatshirts and scarves may work. You may also go for adorable accessories that will help make their libraries or shelves appealing.

Consider the following gifts for a bookworm friend or relative:

Audible Subscription Gifts for Book Lovers

Audiobooks offer an exciting way to get lost in a book you like. Your book lover friend will love a subscription to an audiobook service. An Audible subscription will help your friend get access to audio versions of their favorite books. With an audible subscription, they get a wide selection of books more than a library app would ever offer.

The good thing about audiobooks is that they are immersive, instructional, educational, and entertaining. They can also change one’s ability to listen, read, and learn. Audible is among the top audiobook services proven to improve comprehension, increase reading speed and accuracy, and expand vocabulary.

Besides, you can gift an Audible Subscription without being an Audible member. Here’s a step-by-step Illustrated Guide on How to gift an Audible Subscription.

Prime Book Box is a service that allows kids to receive a box full of carefully selected children’s books each month. The young bookworm can be your daughter, son, nephew, niece, or even a friend’s child. With this subscription, the child will have something to look out for every month.

A Prime Book Box subscription comes customized for various age ranges. You can even choose the list of books you want in every monthly package. If you are getting the box for your child, it will be a great way to grow their literacy skills.

Sunique Book Lover Necklace

Does your bookworm friend or relative love custom-made necklaces? Well, you can give them a Sunique Book Lover Necklace to show them that you cherish them. The necklace is among the Gifts for Book Lovers that comes as a fashion accessory. Your friend can match it with any outfit they like.

The Sunique Book Lover Necklace comes with a gift package with inspiring words written all over it. One good thing about this necklace is that it’s a handmade item. Your friend will also receive a small wishes card and a gift message card with a custom message written by you.

Out of Print 1984 Canvas Tote Bag

If you are looking for a sleek, lightweight bag to gift your booklover friend, the Out of Print 1984 Canvas Tote Bag will do the trick for you. As a reusable item built out of 100 percent canvas cotton, the bag stands out for its durability and versatility. Your friend can use it to carry items for daily use, traveling, school, work, or shopping.

Each canvas tote bag features an interior pocket for storing loose items. Their designs draw inspiration from titles of well-known children’s books, sci-fi movies, and classic novels.

Furthermore, each purchase goes towards a charity organization that donates books and funds literacy programs in needy communities.

Bibliophile Ceramic Vase

Bibliophile Ceramic Vase is a great gift for bookworms who love interior design. With this gift, your friend can add flair to their reading spaces. They can also use the vase to organize quills, pens, rulers, pens, or pencils or fill it with flowers. The vase’s base can stand on a kitchen countertop, desk, or bookshelf.

The sides of the vase feature an elegant illustration by Jane Mount. There’s also a motivational quote by the renowned American short story writer, poet, and novelist Louisa May Alcott plastered on the back. Any bookworm will find this gift irresistible because of its lightweight yet elegant design.

Bring Me a Book Funny Socks

Why choose a boring present when you can give your booklover friend Bring Me a Book Funny Socks. The good thing about the socks is that they are durable and can be ideal for birthday or Christmas party gifts. If the book lover is a woman, they’ll love the fun pair of socks as a Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or wedding anniversary present.

Bring Me a Book Funny Socks are warm and fluffy, ideal for warming up the legs while watching television or reading a book. They also come in pink colors and sizes 6-20 with non-slip material for traction. The socks have soft, coral fleece in their fabric.

Infinity Love Books Bracelet

Are you looking for an intuitive present for your adult or young daughter who enjoys reading books? The Infinity Love Books Bracelet is one of the gifts for book lovers on Amazon with such an attractive design. The bracelet comes in a gold gift box that lets you make a good impression on the person you are gifting.

You can gift your bookworm niece or daughter with this bracelet on their birthday or Christmas day. The bracelet features fun and unique word charms around it. Its clasp is also easy to close and open.

Galison Ideal Bookshelf 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Galison Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the gifts for booklovers geared to keep the brain engaged. The 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle features colorful, whimsical illustrations by Jane Mount. It’ll be an ideal present for your bookworm friend or relative who loves playing puzzles.

The piece features high-quality fabric free of puzzle dust. Each puzzle piece is sturdy and thick with backsides that have a white matte finish. The product’s design is likely to appeal to both adults and children.

Book Candles - 3, 4 ounce Candle Sets

If you want a gift that will help improve the ambiance of their reading space, this 3-4-ounce candle set may be ideal. The candles give out an old, musty, oily scent expertly designed to make indoor living pleasurable. They also have a rare and unique fragrance that may light up the ambiance of any living room.

Candles offer an inexpensive way to light up a living space easily and quickly. They appeal to the visual and nasal senses on different levels and help amplify the room’s decorations.

Some people rely on the mesmerizing candlelight to relax, unwind, and relieve stress. They also give out a sense of comfort when reading a book or listening to music.

Estala Bamboo Bathtub Tray Bathroom Caddy

The eco-friendly bathtub organizer from Estala can make it to the list of gifts for bookworms that you are considering. Estala’s bathtub organizer comes with a non-slip grip bottom made of water-resistant bamboo.

The tray also features adjustable and extendable sides designed to fit any bathtub size. It can help improve the mood when relaxing in a bath soak.

You can gift your bookworm friend with this elegant bathroom tray if you want them to enjoy a luxurious feel in their bathtubs. The tray comes with designated holders and spaces for bath accessories. Candles, bath books, a cup-glass, phones, or tablets can help also fit in the holders.

Book Coffee Mug

If you are looking for gifts for booklovers on Amazon, you may consider getting this mug. The product features a large yet comfortable handle and a colorful design. It comes ideally packaged as a gift for someone who loves reading books and adores cats.

The 11-oz mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and elegant enough to sit on the table. You can give it to a young adult who’s enthusiastic about all things literature. The pictures on the mug can help add an aesthetic appeal to a desk or reading space.

Bibliophile Reader’s Journal

Bibliophile Reader’s Journal offers a practical and charming way for a bookworm to track their reading accomplishments. The present will allow your book lover friend to also reflect on a book they recently completed. It features iconic book-stack illustrations by renowned artist Jane Mount.

The journal is a fantastic present for English teachers, librarians, aspiring writers, and voracious readers. You can gift your loved one with this journal during their special day. When purchased, it comes with a gift package that will make the recipient feel special.

An intuitive person will find this reader’s journal ideal for listing characters and summarizing the plot of a particular book. The journal can also help one evaluate their reading strategies while making them more active in their reading. It can also help prioritize the type of books one wants to read while helping one set reading goals and objectives.

Wicked Witch Bookmark

MyBookmark’s Wicked Witch Bookmark is an ideal present for someone drawn to magical or mystical items. The product features authentic designs meant to complement the appearance of a book your bookworm friend is reading. The witch’s legs come with a polymer clay fabric with a varnish and acrylic paint finish.

Wicked Witch Bookmark is among the great gifts for book lovers on Amazon. It can also serve as a birthday or friendship anniversary present. The bookmark is 7.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. It comes elegantly wrapped in a gift box.

A Girl in Love with her Books

Are you looking to impress a woman in your life who happens to love books? You may consider getting them this PopSockets PopGrip that comes with a swappable top. The product features an adjustable stand for Skype hands-free calls, FaceTime, taking group photos, and watching videos.

The advanced adhesive makes it easier to detach and reposition the product on most cases and devices. PopSocket PopGrip works best with smooth but hard plastic cases. The words: “Just a girl in love with her books” comes plastered on the top of the PopGrip.

12 oz Wine Tumbler or Mug

Klubi’s 12-oz wine tumbler comes with double-wall vacuum insulation to keep beverages at the right temperature for a long time. You can gift your book lover friend with this mug or tumbler that can accommodate tea, wine, coffee, or juice.

With a stainless steel structure, the mug is rust-resistant and unbreakable. It also comes with a transparent BPA-free lid for locking the beverage in place.

The wine tumbler is ideal for camping, parties, tailgating, weekends, and indoor and outdoor events. Its 12-oz capacity can hold an adequate amount of beverage and comfortably fit in the hand. The tumbler comes plastered with the words “drink wine, read books, be happy” on the sides.

Book Sleeve Tree Leaves Book Protector

LParkin’s Tropical Leaves Book Sleeve features a lightweight design for work and college use. It’s an ideal present for a bookworm who’s looking for an elegant way to carry their favorite book. The tropical leaves pattern on the pouch comes plastered on a soft satin-touch cover.

Your book lover friend can use the book sleeve to keep their favorite novels free of scratches and damages. The sleeve features a cotton canvas fabric stitched on the inside for additional strength. It can fit most 600-page books, regular hardcovers, mass paperbacks, and standard paperbacks.

When in Doubt Go to The Library

If your bookworm friend is looking for a home decor item, you may get them Meijiafei’s hanging wall plaque as a gift. The plaque features the words ‘when in doubt, go to the library’ written on the cover. It also has watermarked book illustrations that make it appealing.

You can give this wall plaque to your loved one who is moving into a new house. It can act as an outdoor or indoor decor item. The wall plaque comprises a 10-inch by 5-inch PVC sturdy and durable fabric. It also comes with a rope hanger ready to hang from wall hooks, drawer and door handle, ornamental displays, and the center of doors.

'Just One More Chapter' Pillow Covers

Pillow covers from Bonsai Tree are ideal gifts for loved ones who are avid book readers. They come with the words ‘just one more chapter’ written on the front. You can get them for your bookworm friend if they like products with motivational sign decorations. The product package includes a pillow cover, a small decor item, and a curtain to enhance comfort.

The pillow covers are durable enough to keep bulky pillows free from dirt and eliminate the need to get new pillows. They are easy to slip and swap on existing pillows. The 18×18 covers made of durable cotton linen can fit on 18×18 inches inserts. They can add a much-needed splash of color to home decor.

Merisky LED Clip-on Reading Light

Merisky’s LED Clip-on Reading Light is an ideal gift idea for your bookworm friend who enjoys reading in bed. The device supports three color variations (cool white, natural white, and warm white) and three brightness settings (high, medium, and low).

Its built-in rechargeable battery guarantees up to 60 hours of reading time without charging. The micro USB port makes it easier to charge the device.

With a weight of 2.5oz, the LED clip-on reading light is small enough to act as a computer light, music stand light, and bedside lamp. The clip comes with a double rubber pad to keep book pages from being damaged. Each brightness setting gives diffused light that’s safe for the eyes.

Booklovers Wall Calendar 2021

A 2021 calendar with customized images may be a gift idea for your bookworm friend. You may consider Artico’s Wall Calendar 2021 that comes with photos that capture a typical book lover’s life.

Your friend can even write on the calendar with a marker without ink bleeding through other pages. When fully open, the calendar has a height of 24 inches and a width of 12 inches.

Each page features a beautiful photo accompanied by a thoughtful quote drawn from the world of literature. The 2021 calendar also comes with a planner that has extra-large grids for organizing events and activities. It makes it easier to organize parties, work, travel, dates, and appointments in one place.

The Book Lover’s Cookbook

Shaunda Kennedy Wenger’s Book Lover’s Cookbook is an excellent gift for a bookworm who enjoys cooking. The cookbook features several recipes with thrilling anecdotes about writing and writers. It also comes as a handy literary and culinary delight, inspiration when cooking, and a concoction of reading pleasure. Recipes featured in the book include Jo’s Best Omelets, Extra-Special Rhubarb Pie, and No Dieter’s Delight Chicken Neapolitan.

The cookbook is a fast read with simple and inspiring recipes. You can get it as a birthday or Christmas present for a loved one who loves reading and cooking. The literary excerpts make each recipe enjoyable.

The underlying reason for giving someone a present is to show that you appreciate their presence or efforts in your life. While there are other ways you can express appreciation, gifts can help portray sincerity and strengthen the bond between loved ones. The gift ideas discussed in this guide can help you show your bookworm friend that you admire their love for books. You can also use them to put a smile on their faces.

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