Books Are Our Best Friends: 12 Reasons Why it is Absolutely True

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I remember when I was in class 4 and took part in an intra-school essay writing competition. We were supposed to write an essay on Books are our best friends. And guess what? I could not even write a single paragraph properly!

Reason for that was simple. Back then I did not read any books other than our academic textbooks. So I had no idea on how books can really be our best friends.

It’s been about 14 years since that competition and if now I would be asked to write an essay on the same topic, I could just go on for pages without even having to think much about it.

And again, the reason is simple. In these years, I have understood the importance of reading, built this special bonding with books, developed the habit of reading and experienced great changes in my life myself. For me, books are my best friends for sure and I guess the same is true for most book lovers.

Here are 12 amazing points to show why books are our best friends:

1. Books never judge you

No matter how you look, what you wear or what other people think about you, books will never judge you based on anything.

Books don’t care whether you are rich or poor, fat or skinny, white or colored, or anything. They will accept you the way you are without ever asking you any question.

2. Books will never leave you alone

A girl reading a book on a platform near a lake

If you are a book lover, you can never really feel lonely. Books will be there for you in your happiness or your sorrow.

You can always turn to books whenever you feel lonely or bored. And this is one of the biggest reasons why I feel that books are our best friends.

3. Books take you into the world of adventures

Have you been to Hogwarts?

Well, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you surely have been there. Different genres of books such as adventure, mystery, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, etc. take you into the world of fun, excitement, and adventure.

Once you are bonded to reading books, you can visit places you would not have even imagined.

4. Books can make you laugh

A girl reading a book in bathtub and laughing

Books have this brilliant ability to make you laugh. At times, you won’t even notice that you were reading a book and something you just read brought a beautiful broad smile on your face.

That’s the power of books. Call it friendship or anything you like, but that is the level of bonding that books share with their readers.

5. Books can relieve your stress

According to a research by the University of Sussex, reading a book for just six minutes can reduce your stress level by as high as 68 percent!

Don’t we all want this quality in our best friends?

Of course, we do. And books can do that for us pretty well. If you are stressed out, just read a good book for a while. You will notice the magic yourself.

6. Books help you sleep better

If you have a habit of reading before going to bed, you may already know how beneficial it is for us. Reading a good book before bed calms our mind, relaxes our body and prepares us for a better and quality sleep.

If you want to know more about it, I have an article where I have discussed 10 Amazing benefits of reading before bed. Do give it a read.

7. Books will go anywhere with you

Spider-man reading a book

If you are willing to carry them, books will go anywhere with you. Whether it’s a long train journey or one of the most boring places in the world, books will accompany you anywhere without any question.

And if you happen to be spider-man, then well, you can climb up a wall and read there too. 😉

8. Books don’t get angry at you

Books don’t mind if you hang out with others. They don’t get angry at you even if you ignore them and choose one book over the other.

Even if you are reading a book after years, it will treat you the same good way without holding any grudge.

9. Books never make excuses

A boy reading a book at night with torch light

Books always have time for you. If you want to read it till late at night, it will be there for you. If you want to read it early in the morning, it will still be there for you. It will never get tired of you and it will never make any excuses.

You will just have to be willing to read it, and it will be available for you anytime!

There is no friend as loyal as a book.

10. Books never complain

Though we always try to treat our books well, we may handle them poorly sometimes. But they still don’t complain and be with us.

Moreover, books don’t have any demands. They don’t want anything in return.

11. Books help you discover and know yourself better

Books can help you discover and bring out the best in you. Through its many lessons, books have the ability to make you understand what is wrong and what is right.

In long-term, books help us build our personality. It molds our thoughts, increases our knowledge and makes us smarter!

12. Books give us hope, courage, and motivation

A boy reading a motivational book

An ideal best friend will never let you feel down. And the same is true with books. If at any instance of your life, you feel discouraged or demotivated, just pick up a good inspirational book and start reading.

It might not solve your problem, but it will definitely give you hope and courage to face it and find a solution. Books are a huge source of motivation and inspiration.


So, these were some of the reasons why I feel books are our best friends. However, I do not intend to mean that only books and not humans can be our best friends.

Of course, both can be. It’s just that it’s pretty hard to find so many qualities in a friend. And if you have such great friend already, consider yourself lucky and never let go of him/her.

In the comment section below, do tell us about your experience with books. Do you consider them to be your friend? Your teacher? Or anything special? We would love to know.

Here is a beautiful quote by Charles William Eliot to show what he thought of books.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.

8 thoughts on “Books Are Our Best Friends: 12 Reasons Why it is Absolutely True”

  1. Even more than books, authors and characters. I’ve fallen in love with several authors while reading them and it feels amazing. Every time I dive deep in a book I get lost in it. No human relationship can match that feeling.

  2. I am a big reader myself and I can totally relate to all of this. I would read all the time, but my parents tell me that I have to spend some time away from books.

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