How To Read A Boring Book? 14 Interesting Tips For You!

A girl wondering how to read a boring book

Finding it difficult to get through a boring book?

Well, you are not alone. We have all been there. I’m a pretty regular book reader and yet I find myself in such situation every now and then.

Over years I have learned a few tricks to pull myself through a boring book. Initially, it was difficult, but with time, it has only gotten easier to get through such books. I’m more than happy to share these tips with you and I hope that it will be of some help to you.

Here are 14 tips on how to read a boring book without getting distracted:

1. Be clear on WHY you want to read that book

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Ask yourself, why you are reading that ‘boring’ book. Is it to help improve your personality? Is to get good grades? Is it a book by your favorite author? Or something else?

Just be clear in your objective and what you want to get out of that book. Questioning yourself will make your mind more conscious and aware and that will help you focus more.

Moreover, by being mindful of your objectives and focusing on them you will concentrate more on the outcome rather than the daunting task of reading that boring book. And this can be pretty motivating.

2. Before you start reading, try practicing a relaxation technique

More often than not, books feel boring if you are not really focused. If your mind is full of other thoughts or you are stressed for some reason, you may not get the flow to keep going with the book.

So, it is very important that you first try to relax your mind and then start reading. Even just a small relaxation technique like deep breathing for a couple of minutes may work wonders!

3. Eliminate or reduce distractions

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With ever increasing social media influences, technologies, and entertainment, we can easily find thousands of reasons to distract ourselves from doing what actually needs to be done.

Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube, Web surfing, Memes, etc. are just a few of those distractions to name. Find a way to get rid of these distractions.

It’s pretty hard to focus on reading when there are so many ‘interesting’ distractions for our brain to feed on. Stay away from them when you are reading and you will notice your interest in book increasing gradually!

4. Break it down into small manageable chunks

Analyze the length of the book and divide it into small sections, maybe into few chapters each or just some number of pages each. Setting up small goals like this is important because it can be very overwhelming to read a boring book as a single piece of literature.

Dividing it and reading section-by-section will give you a sense of accomplishment after completing each section and will make your brain stop dreading about getting to the end of the book. Besides, these small accomplishments will further keep you motivated to read.

You can make use of bookmarks to mark your next goals after you have completed each section.

5. Take Breaks!

Picture of a man's hands - one hand holding a cup of black tea

Taking occasional breaks is really important to get through a boring book. Taking breaks will help you stay fresh and focused!

However, make sure you decide the time intervals between each break. Do not take breaks whenever you feel like. Challenge yourself to read the allotted section and then take the break after you complete that part.

During breaks, avoid thinking about the book. Let your mind focus on other things for a while. This will prevent you from getting sick of the book.

6. Don’t feel guilty to skip over some extra contents

It’s a common notion among book readers that if we skip any contents of a book, it means we are doing injustice to the book!

Well, don’t fall for it. It is absolutely fine to just skim through some detailed contents which are not even necessary in the context.

In many cases, authors over explain the details that are not even required for the plot and this can become really boring at times! Learn to understand the unnecessary parts and try just skimming through it. There’s no need to feel guilty about it!

7. Use a visual guide for your eyes

A girl reading and using her finger as a visual guide for her eyes

As you read, try moving your finger or a pen or a pencil along the texts. This will act as a guide for your eyes as they are naturally attracted to motion.

Doing so will help you focus on the texts and you can read without much of a distraction.

8. Try audiobook version of the book

Feeling bored to read a book?

Let someone else read it for you!

If you are finding it difficult to get through a boring book, the audiobook version can be a great option for you. You don’t have to force yourself to read. Just get the audiobook, relax and listen.

With the increasing audiobooks popularity, you can find most of the books in this format. You can get 2 audiobooks absolutely free with Audible (an Amazon owned company) when you first sign up with them.

Audible gives you a 30-day free trial, in which you can get any 2 audiobooks of your choice for free. You can take the free trial now, or read more about Audible and its review here

9. Use your imagination to spice up scenes to make it interesting

Is the story that you are trying to read not meeting your expectations? Well, I have been there too. And I understand, it’s really very disappointing.

But wait, what expectations did you have? Can you not imagine a story of your own?

Of course, you can! Take the plot and the characters of the story and try twisting it to fit the way you want it. This may take some extra time, but trust me, you will really have fun doing this.

In doing so, not only you will be able to complete the book on an interesting note, but you will also enhance your imaginative and creative abilities!

10. Take proper rest and read when you are mentally alert and active

A tired and dull mind is definitely not going to help while reading a boring book. You will have to be mentally alert and active.

Get enough sleep at night so that your brain gets refreshed with proper rest. If you are mentally active, you can easily force yourself through a boring book too. But with a tired mind, you will find it hard to read even an interesting book and most likely you will feel sleepy while reading.

11. Underline or highlight the texts

A man holding a book with few lines highlighted with a color.

This may seem time consuming and silly, but it is actually not. It really works!

If you find anything interesting while reading, (even slightly interesting or motivating) just highlight or underline it. Though it might be rare, still, interesting things will be there.

The highlighted or underlined texts will draw your attention and will help you focus your mind on interesting parts and let you see the better part of the book.

12. Place a reward for yourself on completion of the book

Rewarding yourself for an accomplishment is a great way to trick your brain into doing something that it would be reluctant to do normally.

The reward can be as simple as eating an ice-cream or watching a movie or anything that you would love doing.

It’s true that if you want you can get those things even if you don’t complete the book. But again, placing it as a reward can help trick your brain for that extra motivation to pull you through a boring task.

13. Find someone to read with you

Two boys reading a book together

This is especially helpful if you are asked to read a book for an assignment or to read a classic that is a part of your syllabus. If you can find someone who is willing to read the same book with you, the task will not seem very boring then.

Together you can find ways to get through the book. And if you are someone who likes being competitive, you can actually compete with that friend to see who completes the book first. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

14. Understand the importance of reading and develop a true interest

The best way to read a boring book or any other book is to develop true interest and habit in reading itself. And this habit is not developed in a day, rather it develops gradually.

If you are already into the habit of reading then I’m sure that you are well aware of its benefits. But if you are not, I would strongly recommend you to start building this habit.

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.

To develop and nurture the habit of reading, first, you need to understand the importance of reading. Once you realize how important reading is, it will really be easy to get into this habit.

I have written an article on the importance of reading where I have briefly explained 17 reasons why reading is important. You may refer to this article and start your first step toward building a life-changing habit.

I hope these tips on how to read a boring book was helpful to you.

In the comment section below please share your experiences with reading a boring book. Which book was it? Why did you have to read it? And how did you finally get through it? Do share with us.

1 thought on “How To Read A Boring Book? 14 Interesting Tips For You!”

  1. I had to read the Secret Garden for a book report in English class. It was weird when I realized that I couldn’t get through that book because I absolutly love to read! I half listened half read it and ended up doing the book report before I actually finished the book. My mom also took away all of my other romance and fantasy books that I had been reading and only gave them back after I had completely finished the book.
    If you ever get the chance to read the Secret Garden I would suggest it, you just have to get through the first little bit.

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