16 Longest Books on Audible, Each Over 78 Hours Long!

text: List of the Longest Books on Audible

Have you ever wondered which is the longest book on Audible? If you have, you are at the right place to feed your curious mind!

In this article, you will get to know about 16 of the longest books on Audible, each with a running time of over 78 hours!

At the end of this article, I will also share with you the trick that was used to obtain this list. You can use the trick to obtain a customized list of the longest Audible books in any genre of your choice.

Before you continue, here’s some key information about the list:

  • Audiobooks from all languages are considered.
  • There are many versions of the Holy Bible. Only the longest one is taken in this list.
  • Audiobooks that are not yet released are not considered for this list even though their running time is known and longer than 78 hours.

Here’s the list of the longest books on Audible in ascending order of their Length:

1. Unendlicher Spaß (Length: 78 hrs and 59 mins)

Unendlicher Spaß

Author: David Foster Wallace, Narrator: div., Publisher: Der Hörverlag

This audiobook is in French. You can read more about it on Audible here.


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2. Conceived in Liberty (Length: 80 hrs and 21 mins)

Conceived in Liberty
Author: Murray N. Rothbard, Narrator: loy Lilley, Publisher: Ludwig von Mises Institute

From Publisher’s Summary: “The new single-volume edition of Conceived in Liberty is here! After so many years of having to juggle four volumes, the Mises Institute has finally put it all together in a single book. This makes it easier to listen to and makes clearer just what a contribution this book is to the history of libertarian literature.Read more on Audible.

3. The Complete Novels by Jane Auston (Length: 81 hrs and 2 mins)

The Complete Novels
Author: Jane Austen, Narrator: Alison Larkin, Publisher: Alison Larkin Presents

From Publisher’s Summary: ““…narrating the novels of Jane Austen reminded me that no matter how much the world changes, human nature never does.” (Alison Larkin)

Ever since Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy emerged from the lake in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, the novels of Jane Austen have become more popular than ever, delighting millions of fans all over the world. Now, Alison Larkin’s critically acclaimed narrations of Austen’s six completed novels are brought together in this very special 200th anniversary audio edition. “Alison Larkin’s narration will captivate listeners from the first sentence”, raves AudioFile magazine about the Earphones Award-winning recording of Sense and Sensibility, which starts the collection. ” Read more on Audible.

4. Marlborough: His Life and Times (Length: 81 hrs and 23 mins)

Marlborough: His Life and Times
Author: Winston Churchill, Narrators: MSean Barrett, Publisher: Audible Studios

From Publisher’s Summary: “John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough (1644-1722), was one of the greatest military commanders and statesmen in the history of England. Victorious in the Battles of Blenheim (1704) and Ramillies (1706) and countless other campaigns, Marlborough, whose political intrigues were almost as legendary as his military skill, never fought a battle he didn’t win.” Read more on Audible.

5. Parallel Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans (Length: 83 hrs and 11 mins)

Parallel Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans
Author: Plutarch, Narrator: Charlton Griffin, Publisher: Audio Connoisseur

From Publisher’s Summary: “Plutarch (c. AD 46-AD 120) was born to a prominent family in the small Greek town of Chaeronea, about 20 miles east of Delphi in the region known as Boeotia. His best known work is Parallel Lives, a series of biographies of famous Greeks and Romans, arranged in pairs to illuminate their common moral virtues and vices. The surviving Lives contain 23 pairs, each with one Greek life and one Roman life as well as four unpaired single lives. Currently only 19 of the parallel lives end with comparisons while possibly all of them did at one time.” resonating high above the author’s funeral.” Read more on Audible.

6. Galaxy Outlaws (Length: 85 hrs and 6 mins)

Galaxy Outlaws. The Complete Black Ocean Mobius Missions, 1-16.5
Author: J. S. Morin, Narrator: Mikael Naramore, Publisher: Magical Scrivener Press

From Publisher’s Summary: “Carl Ramsey is an ex-Earth Navy fighter pilot turned con man. His ship, the Mobius, is home to a ragtag crew of misfits and refugees looking to score a big payday but more often just scratching to pay for fuel. The crew consists of his ex-wife (and pilot), a drunkard, four-handed mechanic, a xeno-predator with the disposition of a 120kg housecat, and the galaxy’s most-wanted wizard” Read more on Audible.

7. The Darkslayer Omnibus (Length: 86 hrs and 49 mins)

The Darkslayer Omnibus

Author: Craig Halloran, Narrators: Lee Alan, Publisher: Craig Halloran

From Publisher’s Summary: “Number one best-selling series in epic fantasy and sword and sorcery! Don’t miss out on this complete six-book series! Over 80 hours of listening.

A world of corruption and carnage has an indomitable defender….

The all-powerful immortal being, Trinos, created the world of Bish for her own amusement. There, an eternal war rages between good and evil under the gaze of the bored goddess. Humans battle monsters and each other in a savage, never-ending conflict – from the world’s lush and perilous jungles, to the streets of its decaying cities rife with horror, death, and corruption, to the desolate wastes of the Outlands. And there is one who is charged with maintaining the delicate balance between light and darkness: the warrior Venir, the Darkslayer.” Read more on Audible.

8. The American Experiment (Length: 88 hrs and 27 mins)

The American Experiment
Author: James MacGregor Burns, Narrator: Mark Ashby, Publisher: Audible Studios

From Publisher’s Summary: “James MacGregor Burns’s stunning trilogy of American history, spanning the birth of the Constitution to the final days of the Cold War. In these three volumes, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winner James MacGregor Burns chronicles with depth and narrative panache the most significant cultural, economic, and political events of American history.” Read more on Audible.

9. Mark Twain. The Complete Novels (Length: 88 hrs and 52 mins)

Mark Twain. The Complete Novels

Author: Mark Twain, Narrator: James Hamill, Publisher: Oregan Publishing

From Publisher’s Summary: “This Audiobook contains the complete novels of Mark Twain:

  • The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today,
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,
  • The Prince and the Pauper,
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,
  • The American Claimant,
  • Tom Sawyer Abroad,
  • The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson,
  • Tom Sawyer, Detective,
  • Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc,
  • A Horse’s Tale,
  • The Mysterious Stranger.” Read more on Audible.

10. The History of Rome: The Complete Works (Length: 88 hrs and 57 mins)

The History of Rome: The Complete Works
Author: Titus Livy, Translators: Cyrus Edmunds, William A. McDevitte , Narrator: Alastair Cameron, Publisher: A.R.N. Publications

From Publisher’s Summary: “Titus Livy’s only known surviving work is a monumental history of Rome that was originally written in Latin. It is estimated that Livy’s The History of Rome was written between 27 and 9 BC and covers the legends of Aeneas, the fall of Troy, the city’s founding in 753 BC, and Livy’s account ends with the reign of Emperor Augustus.” Read more on Audible.

11. The Complete Wizard of Oz Collection (Length: 90 hrs and 58 mins)

The Complete Wizard of Oz Collection

Author: L. Frank Baum, Narrator: Eric Vincent, Publisher: BookDar Publishing

From Publisher’s Summary: “This is the complete Wizard of Oz collection of 22 stories written by L. Frank Baum.

This is the only complete collection that includes all the Oz stories. All 22 stories are fully complete. They include the dedication and the introduction of each story/book. ” Read more on Audible.

12. The Clear Word (Length: 96 hrs and 4 mins)

The Clear Word

Author: Jack J. Blanco, Narrator: Lonnie Melashenko, Publisher: BReview and Herald Publishing Association

From Publisher’s Summary: “The Clear Word lets the power of ancient texts come through today. As the meaning of Scripture becomes more transparent, you see more of God’s grace and love. The Clear Word has renewed the devotional lives of thousands of people. Let it renew yours.

The convenient format makes it easy to navigate the Old Testament. Each chapter is a separate, numbered track, so you can listen sequentially or select a specific book or chapter.” Read more on Audible.

13. The Three Musketeers, Man in the Iron Mask, Count of Monte Cristo (Length: 100 hrs)

The Three Musketeers, Man in the Iron Mask, Count of Monte Cristo (Annotated)
Author: Alexandre Dumas, Narrators: Mark Smith, David Clarke, Publisher: Classic Collections

From Publisher’s Summary: “This audiobook collection includes three Alexandre Dumas classics:

14. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Length: 126 hrs and 31 mins)

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Author: Edward Gibbon, Narrator: Charlton Griffin, Publisher: Audio Connoisseur

From Publisher’s Summary: “Here in a single volume is the entire, unabridged recording of Gibbon’s masterpiece. Beginning in the second century at the apex of the Pax Romana, Gibbon traces the arc of decline and complete destruction through the centuries across Europe and the Mediterranean. It is a thrilling and cautionary tale of splendor and ruin, of faith and hubris, and of civilization and barbarism. Follow along as Christianity overcomes paganism… before itself coming under intense pressure from Islam. It is a story that begins in Rome and ends in the capture of Constantinople by the Turks almost 1,500 years later. To aid in navigating this massive work, please refer to the accompanying PDF, which contains a table of contents and starting times for each chapter.” Read more on Audible.

15. New American Bible (Length: 134 hrs and 26 mins)

New American Bible

By: Inc. Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Narrator: Ron Dailey, Publisher: Ron Dailey

From Publisher’s Summary: “This rendition of the New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE), is carefully produced as a high-quality audiobook, with careful attention to difficult pronunciations and narrated in the reverent style of liturgical proclamation, without drama, noise, music, or unnecessary vocal gymnastics. This is currently the only audio version of the NABRE that has been authorized and approved by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.” Read more on Audible.

16. Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written (Length: 154 hrs and 1 min)

Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written

By: John Piper, Narrator: John Piper, Publisher: Desiring God Ministries

From Publisher’s Summary: “Paul’s letter to the Romans is arguably the greatest ever written. With these 225 messages, Piper preaches through the book – verse by verse, phrase by phrase – faithfully pointing listeners to Christ and the gospel. “The glory of Christ seems more glorious to me now than it ever has. And there is no greater exposition of the Gospel of God than the book of Romans.”
—John Piper” Read more on Audible.

With the running time of 154 hours and 1 minute, the book Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written, Narrated by John Piper is the longest book on Audible!

So this was the list of 16 of the longest books on Audible. If there are any other longer books that you know of and are not mentioned here, please share it in the comment section below. I will add them too.

This list was made with the help of Audible Advanced Search Feature by sorting Audible books based on their running time.

Here’s how to do it. Visit the Audible Advanced Search Page and then from the different advanced options choose ‘Over 20 Hours‘ in the Length section and ‘Audiobook‘ in the Program Type section as shown below.

You can choose other advanced options like books categories, language, authors, etc for a more specific list.

Audible Advanced Search Page

After you have chosen all relevant advanced options, click on ‘Submit‘. The search result will appear. Then from the ‘Sort by‘ option choose ‘Running Time‘ as shown below.

Sort Audible Books by Running Time

The books are now sorted by shorter running time to longer running time. So to see the longest books you need to go to the last page of the search results.

You can do that by simply going to the bottom of the search page and clicking on the last search page number as shown below. 

Last Page Audible Search Results

The longest books will be at the bottom of the last page. And that is how you can find the longest Audible books in any category.

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  1. Bert Morrisville

    now do the shortest
    Audible still have the nerve to charge the full price for books of only 3 hours long as books of 50 hours.
    They should price at a rate per hour.

    1. I only read short ones that are free. 10 hours minimum to pay or use a credit, and I try to use credits on the most expensive. Most of the time I just read freebies in between my included credits anyway.

  2. I can only see up to page 60 with 20 books per. I think they try to low let people see their longest books anymore.

    Go into the url bar from page 1 and change the sort option to sort=runtime-desc-rank.

    All DEAD: 143 hours
    Suspense: 99 hours
    Black Ocean Complete Collection : 92 hours

      1. The Charles Dickens Collection: 10 Novels
        264 hrs and 28 mins

        12 Books to Read Before You Die, Volume 3
        152 hrs and 55 mins

        Now that’s getting your money’s worth!

    1. A few farther down is
      The Ultimate Science Fiction Mega Collection: 24 of the Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time
      121 hrs and 30 mins

      I already have this one after stumbling across it by accident. I’ve already read some of them and the Princess of Mars series takes up a significant portion of the runtime, but if you like that kind of thing it’s a good buy.

  3. The Complete Works of Shakespeare is missing from your list of long books. I know it’s out there, I used to have a copy.

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