How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost in 2020? Is It Worth It?

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Texts: How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost? Amazon Prime Carton

Amazon Prime boasts over 100 million active members worldwide. And if you aren’t already a member, you might be missing out on huge benefits.

From fast and free delivery to unlimited Prime video streaming, members have access to many amazing benefits. To know more about the working of Amazon Prime and all its benefits, check out the article ‘How does Amazon Prime work?

In this article, you will learn about how much amazon prime costs for different plans and whether it is worth it in 2019 or not.

Along with the usual Amazon Prime membership, you will also get to know about two other cheaper Prime membership options that all eligible users can opt for and save some money.

So let’s dive in and find out how much is Amazon Prime membership in 2019 for different plans…

How much is Amazon Prime Membership 2019?

Currently, Amazon Prime costs $119/year if you opt for an annual subscription and $12.99/month if you opt for a monthly subscription. In both cases, you get to start with a 30-day free trial before committing to a paid membership.

However, the membership is available at a discounted rate for students and eligible customers with EBT or Medical cards.

The annual subscription fee for students is $59/year. They also get a 6-month free trial in contrast to the 30-day free trial for regular members.

But for Prime Student Membership, the benefits are somewhat restricted.

All student membership related benefits, restrictions, eligibility, and procedure to avail this membership is explained in detail in the article ‘Amazon Prime for Students’. If you are a student, check it out for a much cheaper membership along with the 6-months free trial.

EBT or Medical card holders can avail Prime membership at a discounted rate of $5.99/month. There is no annual plan for this membership as of now.

Here’s a table showing how much Amazon Prime costs for different membership plans as on 4th July 2019:

Membership PlanFree TrialMonthly PlanAnnual Plan
Prime Membership30 Days$12.99/month$119/year
Student Prime6 Months$6.49/month$59/year
For EBT or Medical
Card Holders
30 Days$5.99/month-NA-

Prime Video Membership Cost

Amazon Prime video streaming benefit comes absolutely free with your Prime membership. Under this benefit, Prime members can stream from a large library of movies and TV shows for free, including Prime Originals content.

But what if you want to use just the Prime Video feature and nothing else?

How much does Prime Video membership cost?

Well, if you want to use just the video streaming feature and nothing else, then you can choose Prime Video membership instead of Amazon Prime membership.

Prime Video costs $8.99 per month and it does not have an annual plan as of now.

You can see that there isn’t much difference in the price, but there is a huge difference in benefits.

Regular annual Amazon Prime membership will cost you around $9.9 per month which is just about $1 more than the Prime Video membership.

But with Prime Video membership, along with unlimited video streaming, you will also get many added benefits like Prime Delivery, unlimited music streaming, unlimited photo storage, Prime Reading, Prime Wardrobe, early access to Lightning Deals, and so on. Check out all Amazon Prime Benefits here.

So choose your plan wisely to get the best out of your membership.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

One question that almost every one of us ponders before starting out any paid membership is whether the membership is worth the money or not. And Prime membership is no different.

So, is paying $119/year or $12.99/month for Prime membership even worth it?

Well, the membership price may seem high at first, but it is actually not. You can benefit a lot with many of the Amazon services using the Prime membership.

According to JPMorgan analysis, Prime membership is actually worth about $785 annually!

Worth of Amazon Prime Analysis by JPMorgan

You can understand the above analysis yourself just from the fact that a Non-Amazon Prime user has to pay a flat fee of $9.98 per item for Same-Day Delivery, and a minimum of $8.99 per order for One-Day Shipping! This benefit can come in very handy when you want to get any product from Amazon urgently.

And this savings is from just one benefit. There are many other benefits that will save you hundreds of dollars annually.

However, the worth of your Prime membership also depends upon how much Prime services you use.

If you just make a couple of orders from Amazon per year and have no interest in Prime Video or other Prime benefits, then probably the membership is not for you.

In any case, there is no harm in taking the free trial and checking out the service yourself. In that way, you will practically know whether Amazon Prime is worth it for you or not!

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions or doubts regarding Prime membership plans, please share it in the comment section below. I would be glad to answer them as best as I can.

8 thoughts on “How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost in 2020? Is It Worth It?”

    1. I agree with Monica Davis, senior citizens living in fixed income need a discount also. Amazon can afford it. We are cancelling our Cox account now.

  1. I am on a trial now and am considering the cost. I see something about if you have Medicaid, you can get reduced cost. I do not see that as an alternative on the site.

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